Museum´s expositions present an overview of the contemporary aristocrasy housing, as well as on the evolution of hunting in Slovakia
An inseparable part of the history of the mansion in Svätý Anton is Kohárys and Coburg, who collected here beautifull craftsmanship nad skilled hands of artists and master craftsmen from different parts of the world, from the early 18th century to the early 20th century.

The rich facilities of the mansion, you can admire in the art-historical exposition, it reflects the lifestyle, tastes and interests of the two families.
Thanks to the unusual integrity, authentic form and diversity of the collections of the complex was in 1985 declared as nation cultural monument.

Hunting exposition, the largest of its kind in Slovakia, contains not only many rare trophy game, but also a rich collection of historical hunting weapons, paintings, art objects, book, magazines and photographs. Topics kynology, falconry, fishing and marksmanship are compelmented with the dioramas of the animals that living in Slovakia who love especially children.

Museum in Svätý Anton

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 Museum in Svätý Anton
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How to get here

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