On the Valentine´s day
17. 2. 2018 the mansion opened not only for people falling in love


Breeding show of hunting trophies
18. - 28. 3. 2018 the tradition meeting of hunters


The fish
18.5.2018 exhibition about the fish and fishmen


Night of the museums and galleries
19. 5. 2018 beautiful rooms once again open at night light


Children´s days of Saint Hubert
20. - 21. 6. 2018 days full of fun and learning for young hunters and foresters, but not only for them


From fairy tale to fairy tale
fairy tales come alive in the mansion
Summer with Paradájz Pikčr
theatrical performances in the courtyard of the mansion
Festival of the nice music
classical music presented by the european artists


Summer with Paradájz Pikčr
theatrical performances in the courtyard of the mansion
From fairy tale to fairy tale
fairy tale come alive in the mansion


Days of Saint Hubert
1. - 2. 9. 2018 the XXVIII. year of hunting festivities with traditional program


Open day for the citizens of the village of St. Anton


The most beautiful holiday´s  photograph
show of the competitive and awarded photographs in the 20th year photograph´s competition


Christmas for animals
children once again prepare generous Christmas for animals
Museum in Svätý Anton participated as a member of OOCR Štiavnica to the World Heritage Journeys Europe project.
You can find a link to the project side here

Múzeum vo Svätom Antone

 045 691 39 32

 0915 821 973 - sekretariát

 0918 877 062 - pokladňa
(rezervácie vstupov
pre organizované skupiny v čase otváracích hodín)

 Múzeum vo Svätom Antone
Svätý Anton 291
969 72 Svätý Anton


Otváracie hodiny


november - marec

sprevádza sa zimný okruh

8.00 hod. - 15.00 hod.
Vstupy každú celú hodinu.
Prvý vstup o 9.00 hod.

Otvorené utorok až sobota



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