A beautiful park that melts into a forest is part of the manor house estate. No historical documents that would give information on the park have been preserved. It is assumed that it flourished mainly at the time when the manor house was completed around 1750. Currently, remnants of regular baroque type of treatment can be seen on the terraces near the main building. They loosely melt into landscape park and forested park.The preserved water system of the park is supplied with water from the Kolpassky brook through some kilometres long water gang with aqueducts.

Two lakes connected with waterfalls and cascades build up this system. In addition to romantic and quiet parts with benches, bridges and wooden shelters, an artificial cave – grotta – can be found in the park. The park is beautiful in every season and walking its paths gives joy to one’s eyes and heart. Until 1995, the meadow in front of the cage was dominated by an almost 120 years old Giant Sequoya (Sequoiadendron giganteum). Phillip Coburg planted it there in 1878 when his only son Leopold was born. In spite of many attempts to save it, the Sequoya dried. A new and healthy tree was then planted at the entrance to the park in 1996.

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